Road trip to Lesser Known Himalayan Hamlets near Darjeeling

Take a lesser traveled road through the hills in the norther part of West Bengal to enjoy fresh mountain air ,misty forests and quaint village homestays. Beautiful pine forests are a common thing to see in the lower ranges of the Darjeeling Himalayas.

Tucked inside the misty pine forests that dot the lower ranges of the Darjeeling Himalayas is a beautiful eco tourism destination Lamahatta perched at 5700 feet.

Things to do in and around Lamahatta:- On dear days you can see the snow peaks of Mt.Kanhchanjunga ruling the azure sky.If you not keen for a hectic holiday take a round of the Lamahatta park in the middle of the village. Peshok Tea Garden are within easy reach from Lamahatta.Another trail through the forests of pine trees leads to the Orchid Centre in the neighbouring village of Takdah.

Originally estlablished in the late 19th century, Takdah – located at an altitude of 4000 feet was formaly a British cantonment area as early as 1900’s and it still holds that old world area.As expected ,there are number of old British bungalows at Takdah still holding on to the colonial era.With the Darjeeling mountains all around ,the forest trails to follow coupled with there old and heritage bingalows,Takdah is unparalleled in its beauty and charm.

Things to do in and around Takdah:- Takdah is surrounded by some of the most beautiful tea gardens of Darjeeling district.The main tea estates of the region are Runglee Rungliot ,Gielle,Teesta Valley tea estate,Poomong and Jinglam.You can also visit these tea estates and watch the tea processing.Country Route Holidays offers customize package for Tea Trails which includes staying in Tea bunglows,visit the tea estate and tea tasting session.Other points of attraction includes Takdah Orchid Centre,Barbetey Bridge (Hanging Bridge),Dechen Pema Tsholing Monastery popularly known as Takdah Monastery.From the monastery,you can get a panoromic view of the valley.The Runglee Rungliot ,Tessta Tea Estate,Kalimpong can also be seen from the monastery.

Kolbong,perched at 5800 feet,is a small hamlet encircled by tea gardens and fruit orchards.On one side rises the mighty snow peaks and on the other lie the river valleys.You may visit Kolbong as a day trip from Lamahatta or Takdah.This place is still untouched by mans greed for urbanization.The place is green and full of vivid wild flowers and orchids.Major attraction of this place is Tinchuley Monastery and View Point.

Accommodation available in this places are Hometstays which offers comfortably furnished lodgings ,but do not expect facility of urban resorts.Since Homestays are limited advance booking recommended.For Homestay accomodation and packages one can contact us at – or can reach us at 90835 96122 / 99036 93756