Top 15 Must Visit Places in Bhutan with Country Route Holidays

Experience the dragon king; Bhutan, the place of mesmerizing Dzongs

Diversified geographical terrains and climatic conditions are clear choices when it comes to being a traveler. Best things often come in smallest of packages and in this scenario there is the same is the case with the smallest state in the Himalayan range, Bhutan. This Eastern Himalayan state is also known as druk gyal khap. The country is the second least populated in the world, making it a certain choice of travel enthusiasts. Further, the Buddhist culture, the folklore, the 8 auspicious symbols, the transcending of the lamas, a king, and queen revered by the people – and many such facts, make this place really an amazing place to visit.

For any travel lover, Bhutan can be the most evasive, yet incredible destination and Country Route Holidays, the Travel agency in Bhutan helps you in a possible way. First, you have to reach the destination and be a part of the heritage, and culture, you are going to truly pleased by the beauty that is deeply assimilated in this country.

15 Offbeat Places in Bhutan:

Country Route Holidays offers numbers of Bhutan Holiday Packages for our clients. With that, you can visit some of the most exciting but peaceful places depending on your days of the vacation.

  • Paro Taktsang Monastery


Paro Taktsang Monasteryis also known as Taktsang Phalphug Monastery is located remotely and hanging on a cliff surrounded by mountains and emerald green valleys. It is a famous tourist destination due to its location. Paro Taktsang is located at 3120 meters above sea level clinging on a cliff in the upper Paro valley. This monastery is sanctified religious and sacred site of Bhutan. This place must be visited while visiting Bhutan as it a wonderful journey to Paro Taktsang.

  • Rinpung Dzong


This large Rinpung Dzong located in the Paro district is a Buddhist monastery and fortress. This is also the houses of the district monastic body and is an administrative center. Within this complex there are fourteen shrines and chapels are located and in March or April each year the great festival of tshechu is held here.

  • National Museum of Bhutan


National Museum of Bhutan located on the hill above Rinpung Dzong, is a watchtower fortress with seven stories. It is said that this unusual building is in the shape of a conch shell. National Museum of Bhutan was built in 1656 and is undergoing a process of restoration, following earthquakes in the last decade.

  • Buddha Dordenma


Buddha Dordenma is 169 foot sitting Buddha statue in Thimpu built of bronze and gold. This gigantic Buddha statue has 125000 small Buddha inside it.

  • Chele la Pass


Chele la Pass is at an altitude of 3810 meters is one of the highest passes in Bhutan. This pass separates Paro and Haa valley.

  • Punakha Dzong


Punakha Dzong is located in Punakha district which was once a capital of Bhutan. This Dzong is the largest Dzong of Bhutan and can be seen from anywhere in Punakha. Located at the conjunction of Po-Chu and Mo-Chu River this Dzong has amazing Bhutanese architecture and sculptures. It has absolutely wonderful woodwork. It is the administrative center of Punakha in present days. This Dzong was constructed in 1637 and several reconstructions had been done till now to maintain the structure.

  • Kyichu Lhakang


Kichu Lhakang located in Lamgong Gewog in the Paro District is one of Bhutan’s oldest and most beautiful temples and is one of the most important religious sites in the country. The Jowo temple which was built in the 7th century is within this complex. It is believed that In the 8th century,  Padmasambhava visited here and kept many secret religious treasures.

  • Dochula Pass


Dochula Pass is on the way from Punakha to Thimpu. This place is a must visit place in Bhutan as the panoramic view of Himalayan mountain ranges can be seen from this pass. The temperature is between 2 degrees to 8-degree Celsius and this pass is located at an altitude of 3100 meters above sea level. In 2003, 108 soldiers died during a military operation. This pass contains 108 memorial stupas built in honor for those soldiers. This is the most amazing mountain pass of Bhutan.

  • Thimpu Dzong


Thimpu Dzong is located in Thimpu and situated at the bank of Wang Chu river. This is an attractive tourist destination as it is the largest monastery in Bhutan. This Dzong was constructed in 1216 A.D but it was destroyed by fire in 1771. A lower Dzong was constructed and everything was moved into it. Since 1952 this Dzong served as the seat of national government and it has three parts the office of the king, the secretariat and ministry for home affairs respectively.

  • Dechen Phodrang


Dechen Phodrang Monastery serves as a school for monks is situated in the north of the city of Thimpu. It is a house of 15 staffs and 450 students all enrolled in 8-year courses. Including some UNESCO monitored 12th-century paintings; a number of fascinating and important Bhutanese artifacts are found here.

  • Tango Buddhist Institute



Tango Buddhist Institute is also known as Tango monastery is an educational institution for monks to study their religious textbooks. This place has many beliefs and mythologies associated with it.

  • The gangteng monastery


The gangteng monastery is located in Phobjika valley was built in 1613 by the First Gangteng Tulku. It is the seat of Gangteng incarnation line.

  • The Punakha suspension bridge


The Punakha suspension bridge is 160 meters long and hanging over Po-Chu River. The bridge is the connection between the Punakha town and the other side. This bridge is an amazing place to visit as it is the longest suspension bridge in Bhutan and a walk over it is interesting.

  • Trongsa Dzong


Trongsa Dzong found in the Trongsa District at the heart of the country is the biggest fortress and monastery in Bhutan. The dzong is the monastic complex houses around 200 monks and is the center of the administrative district.

  • Trongsa region


Located in the tower above this museum of the Trongsa region is a five-story. A brilliant collection of Buddhist art, royal memorabilia, and other items are housed by this tower. You can walk up from the town or drive up here. From the rooftop of the tower amazing, wide, sweeping views can be enjoyed.


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